Good morning, Gorgeous!

That’s how my lovely grandfather greeted me each day when I stayed with him in his “chop suey jungle” in Hawaii. He was one of my first teachers, and the spirit of his sentiment is profound.
We begin anew in every moment. We always have the opportunity to make a fresh and better choice for ourselves … right now. You’re never too old, too young, too lost, too sick, too hurt, too anything to awaken to the fact that life is happening for you. It’s true.
So what are you doing, Gorgeous?
You are a beautiful, light-filled soul with singular gifts, and no one can bring it like you can. No one. Are you stepping into your life with both feet?
My purpose here is to provide a virtual sanctuary, a pit-stop along your journey, where you can tune in to your own sensibilities, ignite revelation, and transform the ho-hum of everyday life into a beautiful practice of intentional living.
You’ve come here for a reason. So seize this moment now. It’s time to wake up …
Good morning, Gorgeous!